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Our thermosiphonic compact domestic equipment stands out for its ease of assembly and integration due to their design aesthetic ("hidden" deposit). Perfectly equipped to regulate its orientation (adaptable to all types of roofs), facilitating a better uptake of solar radiation. VERY HIGH DURABILITY AND ECONOMICAL.

This compact equipment comes in a comfortable "kit" , with all the necessary elements for its quick installation. Its capacity can vary in order to accommodate your needs (120, 150, 200, 300 and 420 Liters); you can also attach the number of solar panels you need (1,2,3 ...), its working position (vertical - horizontal) and so on. Accessories, valves, fittings and structure, are included. Ideal for all types of housing.


About Us:

Novasol is a company located in Malaga which aims to manufacture and distribute the best solar thermal products. We have a wide variety of solar thermal systems. We manufacture solar thermal collectors and accumulators for the production of solar thermal hot water and household equipment.

 In Novasol we have developed the entire process we apply to our production. From the manufacture of solar panels and high-capacity thermo accumulators, to Aesthetic Design and Efficiency testing.

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