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SEALS OF QUALITY • Recognized Solar Equipment

The approval process to obtain quality certificates, is long and complex. The teams are sent to different laboratories in Spain and Europe, where both collectors and thermoaccumulators go through quality performance tests. These seals of quality are absolutely necessary to certify both the mechanical quality of our equipment, and its strength and performance.


One of the most prestigious certification, is granted by the CENER. Not all companies equipment fulfill their equipment to these rigorous certification tests, but the quality of the solar thermal systems we produce, received an excellent rating. Other certifications such as INTA, ITW or AENOR, also avail the quality, endurance and high performance of our units. Our top priority is to attain the máximum qualification posible, from the best Institutions in Spain and the rest of the world, we feel that quality is our best asset, and this is the best way to show it.

About Us:

Novasol is a company located in Malaga which aims to manufacture and distribute the best solar thermal products. We have a wide variety of solar thermal systems. We manufacture solar thermal collectors and accumulators for the production of solar thermal hot water and household equipment.

 In Novasol we have developed the entire process we apply to our production. From the manufacture of solar panels and high-capacity thermo accumulators, to Aesthetic Design and Efficiency testing.

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